Palo Alto, CA


R    E    S    E    A    R    C    H

At REPLICUS Research we address the challenges of scalability, reliability and administrative overhead in virtual systems infrastructure with an architectural approach that systematically eliminates complexity in accessing, sharing, securing, and protecting data and computational assets over local and geographically distributed sites.

Today’s heterarchical systems environment results from an increasingly borderless computing universe that requires interdependency of disparate systems that work together by common access standards, none of which can ever be tested in any system or scenario other than the real world web.  So the challenges of complexity, diversity, and scale compound at rates far beyond simply data growth or number of computational assets, which in and of themselves already compound at 50-100% per year.

We have studied these issues for many years: our principals hale from key technical and strategic roles in industry where we designed and defined much of today’s distributed systems deployment models. 

Back then, we had no idea that distributed computing would reach the epic level of scale and complexity in deployment today.  Yet most of today’s computing universe operates on systems, storage, database, security, and network architectures designed in the late 80’s and early 90’s....when scale and complexity levels represented but a fraction of today’s computational assets.  Other than virtualization, few big things have happened since then.

As a result of incremental reuse and repurposing of aging technologies, applied to an increasingly heterarchical computing environment, new security risks and operational exposures have emerged which cannot be predicted, until after it’s too late.

We conduct research and analysis for major OEMs, government institutions, and Global1000 firms seeking to identify these risks and technology gaps before it’s too late.  We typically conduct our work from “first principles” -- meaning we do the analysis the old fashion way, from the ground up, making no assumptions or presumptions about systems viability until provable.

We typically perform our work under NDA, so we keep our client list confidential.  However, we make references available upon request.

We engage in a broad range of technology studies, ranging from IT Cloud strategy, Big Data, and strategic technology road maps to assessment of fundamental technology challenges within industry such as security, silent data corruption, and long-term technology limitations of RAID devices.  We strive to help our clients develop best IT practices which incorporate high levels of security and resiliency in order to mitigate today’s increasingly frequent failure conditions and systems perturbations.